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Most frequent questions and answers

WavePool is Peerion’s Crowdfunding game.

It can be initiated for individual or organizational benefits.

Individual Crowdfunding:

Peers can purchase a Wave in hopes that they are flooded.

Professional Crowdfunding:

Private WavePools, that contain verified peers, can be hosted to offer a 

chance to collect funding.

Purchase a Wave. Once enough Waves are in a Pool, the ebb Tide will aggregate the Pool to create a Tsunami that Floods a random Peerionaut, or organization, who has added Waves to the Pool.

The lucky winner will get Flooded.

WavePool is a game of chance. Waves are chosen by a randomized algorithm.

A Flood can be determined by a set time limit  or a maximum number of Waves in a Pool

A Tide will signify the culmination of a staking period and will be followed by a Flood.

You can view your current Waves on the WavePool page. 

Click on ‘My Waves’ under any Pool you have entered.

The distribution of all Floods will be allocated to the corresponding Nimbus of the peer who purchased the Wave.

Entering with a group, team, or organization allows peers to share the wealth!

Who ever in the group gets Flooded would then share the prize – or – it can be distributed directly into a verified organizational account.

Private WavePools are for verified users only. This presents the opportunity to fund a project or venture.

  • User’s can enter as an individual entrepreneur, a group, or an organization.
  • The goal is to try and get Flooded to either share the wealth amongst a team – or – support a current project or venture.